Mobile Broadband

Take your WiFi with you

Get superfast 4GEE speeds on your tablet or laptop on the go.
Use a 4GEE dongle or SIM, or connect up to 10 WiFi-enabled gadgets (laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, games consoles and e-readers) with one of our clever little mobile WiFi devices.
If you want the convenience of being online anytime, anywhere or use a lot of data, our monthly plans will ensure you're connected all the time.
And you can now get superfast 4GEE internet access on your tablet or laptop with all the flexibility and control of pay as you go. No contract or commitment.

Fibre Broadband

Choose fibre.
Go faster.
Do more.
See what Fibre Broadband could do to supercharge your digital life.

Surfing on your holidays?
Don't get stung

With EE you can go on Facebook, browse and email from abroad with no fear of coming back to a surprise bill.
When you go online abroad, we’ll ask you to choose a roaming data add-on. And if you run out of data, you can buy another add-on.


Get one of the latest tablets on the market - from Sony, Samsung and Google.

And check out the iPad with retina display and the iPad Mini.

Once you've chosen your device, you can supercharge it with a 4GEE plan.


You probably know how data works. But just as a reminder, whenever you use the internet, download games, stream films... you use data. 

With an EE plan you get a certain amount of data a month, and you can always add to this if you're getting close to your limit. We'll tell you when.
You can also control your data costs while you're abroad so you never get stung by a surprise bill. We make this really easy - with a free page appearing the first time you try to use the internet abroad, asking what size data bundle you'd like.

Everyday services

Remember, whether you're on a phone, tablet or laptop, we make it easy to use everyday services like the internet, calls and texts.
We've also got new services like HD calling, to make the every day even better.