Make life easier with the My EE app

If you've got an EE plan, manage your account with the My EE app. Get the latest add-ons, check your data use and pay your bills. On pay as you go? Buy add-ons, check allowances and more.

Just register for My EE, and download the app here or text APP to 150 from your EE, T-Mobile or Orange phone.

Clone your phone

Losing your phone used to feel like the end of the world.
But now with Clone Phone you can get a replacement for your old phone in your hand in no time.
Clone Phone backs up your photos, videos and contacts securely. If your phone gets lost, stolen, damaged or develops a fault, call us to get your replacement within 24 hours.
Then use the Clone Phone app to download everything that's backed up and you're up and running again.
If your phone's been lost or stolen, you can also lock it remotely to stop someone else using it.
Clone Phone is available on 4GEE pay monthly plans.


Download the EE Film app to stream the latest films on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can also download loads of the latest films and blockbusters from our Film Store to watch offline, and a selection for 99p on Thursdays.
Plus, get 2 for 1 cinema tickets every week.

Cash on Tap

Pay for things with a tap of your phone. 

Just tap your phone on any contactless card reader to pay for anything under £20.

You'll need a 4GEE pay monthly plan with a compatible phone to use Cash on Tap.