Finding Nemo on the M1

Connect your tablet and laptop to superfast 4GEE wherever you are

Take your superfast 4G connection with you

Out and about

Now you can get online wherever you go and keep in touch without relying on public WiFi. No hunting for hotspots or tracking down passwords. All superfast.

At home

If you don't have a landline, you live in a shared house, or move around a lot, mobile broadband could be your solution to a fast connection.

On a journey

Download emails and large attachments on your commute. Keep the kids entertained on a long journey with iPlayer, a film or a game. Check Google Maps in an instant.

Here's how...

10 devices, 5 times faster, 0 wires

Mobile WiFi is the perfect way to connect your WiFi enabled laptops, tablets, phones and even e-readers, cameras and games consoles to the internet on the go.
Our clever little mobile WiFi devices pick up a 4GEE signal and beam out a personal and secure bubble of superfast mobile WiFi. Nothing to plug in or load up, simply turn it on and connect up to 10 people or devices at a time.
You can also experience superfast 4GEE with a SIM card or dongle.

Pretty fly for a WiFi.

Two ways to pay

You can now get superfast 4GEE internet access on your tablet or laptop with all the flexibility and control of pay as you go. No contract or commitment.

If you want the convenience of being online anytime, anywhere or use a lot of data, our monthly plans will ensure you are connected all the time.



Pay as you go

Preloaded with loads of data, you can be up and online in a couple of minutes. When your data expires it’s quick and simple to buy a new data pass from a wide choice of allowances.

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Pay monthly

Just switch it on and you’ll be connected in an instant. If you run out of data, you simply buy more - no need to worry about running up a huge bill as you always stay in control of your spending.

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Four ways to connect

Mobile WiFi

Create your own 4G hotspot and connect up to 10 devices

USB dongle

Small and lightweight, just plug it into your laptop

Sim only

Already have a 4G gadget? Supercharge it and go superfast

4GEE tablet

Watch a blockbuster on the bus with a shiny new tablet

Enjoy iPad mini with Retina Display

Now with double speed 4GEE

With 5GB of data. Just £49.00 upfront

On a £31 a month plan (24 months).

How much data?

To help you work out how much data you'll need, why not have a play with our nifty data calculator?

Just move the sliders to enter what you use the internet for and we'll show you how much data you might need. Easy.

Stay connected with superfast 4GEE

Now you can do the things you love on your tablet or laptop - or any WiFi device - faster than ever. And do completely new things too.

And if you move out of a 4GEE area, you'll seamlessly switch to our 3G network - the biggest in the UK.