Three great brands

Welcome to EE, Orange and T-Mobile

We’re EE. We’re here to help people get the most from their digital lives. We launched the UK's first superfast 4GEE network, but we run the UK's biggest 3G network, too.

If you have a 4GEE plan with us, you can use our 4GEE and 3G networks. If you move out of 4GEE coverage you'll move seamlessly on to our 3G network.

Orange and T-Mobile are brought to you by EE - so if you're on an Orange or T-Mobile plan, you can use our 3G network, which covers 98% of the UK population.

Why have I got EE on my screen?

Orange and T-Mobile are brought to you by EE. We're all part of the same company. 

You're seeing EE on your phone or tablet's screen because you're using EE's 3G network which is the biggest in the UK.

To get superfast 4GEE, you'll need a 4G enabled phone and to move on to a new 4GEE plan.


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Come and see us in one of our stores. We're here to help you with your 4GEE, Orange or T-Mobile plan. With almost 600 stores across the UK, we now have more places than ever to help you get fully set up for your digital life.

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Can I still join, or upgrade with Orange or T-Mobile?

You can still get all the great benefits of a new Orange or T-Mobile plan, including access to the UK's biggest 3G network. Already got an Orange or T-Mobile plan and want superfast 4GEE? You can upgrade to one of our 4GEE plans.

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