Order a new SIM

We know that sometimes you might buy a new phone, and your old SIM doesn’t fit. If this is the case we’re more than happy to get one sent out so you can continue using your existing account.

To order a new SIM when your old one isn’t the right size, simply fill out the below form and we’ll get one ordered and popped into the post within 2 working days.

A replacement SIM costs £10.20. The charge will appear on your next bill.

A replacement SIM costs £10.20.

We will deduct £10.20 from your Pay as you go balance. Please make sure you have enough credit on your account to cover this. Click here to top up.

There is no charge for your new SIM.

We'll send you a Nano SIM to fit your iPhone.

We will send you a Combi SIM that is both a standard size and a micro size.