Keep track of the
things in your life

PocketFinder is a snazzy little device that lets you keep track of the most important things in your life

How does it work?

PocketFinder uses the EE network to keep track of all the things that are most important to you, like pets, luggage, or expensive items like golf clubs and camera equipment. It transmits the GPS location of whatever you attach it to across our network, so you can then see the exact location on an app you download to your Apple or Android smartphone.

It’s small and lightweight enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and it’s waterproof, dirt-proof and kid-proof. It won’t even mind being put through the washing machine.

Once you’ve bought your PocketFinder, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee to use it. But there’s no minimum contract, so you’re not tied in. Find out about pricing and fees here.

How much does it cost?

PocketFinder costs £85 and the monthly fee is £9.99 per device. International roaming is £19.99 a month, per device (your PocketFinder will work in most countries).

How do I get set up?

1. Create an account here
2. Activate the device online
3. Charge the device
4. Take the device for a walk to get a first location update
5. Locate the device online or through your app

How often does it need charging?

For normal use, your PocketFinder’s charge should last three or four days. We recommend charging it every night, like your mobile phone, so you always know you have full power to start the day. You can check your battery level in your PocketFinder account.

How accurate is my pocketfinder

In most cases, the tracked location will be within 10 feet of the device’s actual location. The accuracy of your PocketFinder will improve the more you use it, too.

How do the notifications work?

When you set up your account on the PocketFinder website, you can choose how and when you’ll be notified. You can have alerts sent to your email or your phone, and can opt to be notified when the device enters or exits specified zones.

Customers must not use the PocketFinder, the PocketFinder service, the PocketFinder software or the PocketFinder website to locate any person who has not consented to having his or her location or assets monitored by PocketFinder. By using the device, you consent to your limited details being provided by anyone who has been located, or whose assets have been located, using the device.